Delta Dawn’s Chicken Salad Sandwich

DSC_0396We’ve all had and probably made chicken salad at some time in our life. But I guarantee, this recipe will surely bring your chicken salad sandwiches to a whole new level! I came across part of this blend about 3 years back when my sister and I had traveled to Cookeville, Tennessee to see our Grandmother for her 100th birthday. The morning of her birthday we stopped and had brunch at a little place called “Poets”.

We both decided on the chicken salad sandwich on croissant & Poets’ special dark roast coffee. Our sandwiches were served on large croissants and topped with baby spinach. They had red grapes and celery in the creamy-chunky chicken mixture. It was surely a great tasting sandwich!

Later that year I wanted to reproduce that tasty chicken salad I remembered. I didn’t have a single stalk of celery in my fridge yet I had a nice bundle of green onions (this is Louisiana)! I decided to chop the green onions from root to tip and let it take the place of celery. It tasted fantastic! And, the next day after the flavors married in the fridge, it tasted beyond belief! Here’s the recipe …

4 Cups Chicken
1 Cup Cut up Red Grapes (I usually cut them up into 4 pieces, I like it chunky)
1 Cup Green Onions (cut off roots and chop from bottom to top)
1 Cup Blue Plate Mayonnaise
½ tsp Black Pepper (or to your taste, I prefer more pepper)
½ tsp salt (or to your taste)
Large Croissants for Sandwiches (sliced in half)
Baby Spinach for Sandwich

For the chicken, you will need 4 boneless skinless breasts baked in the oven and torn (not cut) into nice smaller bite sized pieces. I sometimes will buy rotisserie chickens after they go on sale in the refrigerated section at Wal-Mart, Kroger’s, or your local grocer. This saves a lot of prep time!

DSC_0392Cut up red seedless grapes, sized according to how large or small you choose. Chop the root tips off the green onions and then slice them thinly, from bottoms to tops. I always add salt and pepper prior to adding the mayo and toss it up. For the mayo, I choose to only use Blue Plate Mayonnaise as it always brings the taste out better than any I’ve used, Blue Plate Mayonnaise is always best for recipes hands down (can you tell I love Blue Plate Mayo?). If you want to cut down on the mayo, you could replace one portion of mayonnaise with a matching portion of Greek yogurt. Personally, I prefer to use only mayo, leaving no reason to spread mayo on the bread while assembling your sandwich, be it a croissant or any other bread you may choose to use. I suggest used the croissant but, if you choose to use another type of bread — I always go with a whole grain bread with a nutty flavor, it brings out the flavors well.

I suggest making this about 24 hours ahead of time so the flavors will be well-blended and the flavors will be superb!

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